The trip to Zongoene… roughing it in Africa

When planning you are vacation at Zongoene the trip to the lodge is your only real challenge. Today we will be sharing the necessary pointers to make sure your journey to the lodge is a Mozambican breeze.

1. The best way to keep track when going off the grid

Buy and download Tracks4Africa.
Tracks4Africa consists of maps of all the weird and wonderful places in Africa and it is a valuable tool for traveling through our beautiful continent.
The cool thing about Tracks4Africa is that it has an offline function, so make sure you download and activate you offline map of Mozambique and yes… Zongoene’s location is on there already.
What I love about this app is that anyone who uses it can improve it, so if you find the best pizzeria in Moz, you can add it to the maps and share more information about your trip and experience.

2. Driving in Moz

Get comfortable with the rules of the road.
  • Drive slowly, always abide to the speed limit. What’s the rush? You’re on holiday.
If you get pulled over for speeding… don’t get pulled over for speeding.
  • Who wants to be in a car accident when on holiday? Exactly, so be careful.
  • Don’t drive at night.
  • If your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road, you need to place warning triangles 50 meters in front and behind the vehicle and people working on the vehicle must wear reflective jackets. Be sure to pack those in.
  • Be friendly, polite and patient when dealing with traffic cops.
Don’t just try to pay a bribe, the risk and consequences can be very serious.
Follow this link and scroll down. Just above the yellow line, there are a few handy tips on how to handle traffic cops.

3. MOZquitos

Keep your mosquito repellent close by and spray it on as soon as you get out of the car.
I usually spray it on at the border and again later the day, but that is only because mosquitos love me.

4. Your Moola

I would suggest you keep R 2000 cash on hand for any emergencies along the way, but you’ll probably spend it on unique souvenirs, so don’t stress. Generally, you don’t need meticais, as ZAR is accepted everywhere.

5. Keep that fuel Gauge up

Fill up your tank whenever you can and send the ladies to the bathroom. You never know if it is your last chance or if the next filling station have any fuel… I have stopped at empty filling stations more than once during trips in Botswana and Moz.
When traveling to Zongoene and back, be sure to fill up at the border and then again at Macaia. Macaia is a village just a few killos from the lodge.

6. Happy wife, happy life

This point is for everyone, but the ladies will have extra appreciation for it.
Always travel with your own roll of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Ladies, I will strongly suggest you buy a pack of those disposable seat covers. You’ll find it at Dischem.
It might sound ridiculous, but you will thank me once you open the first cubicle door at die border.
Now pack your fishing gear and get ready for some bundu bashing. We will see you on the banks of the Limpopo and the shores of the Indian Ocean for a cocktail.